Our Process


Drop Off

Dropping off at Admiral Toy Storage couldn’t be easier.  Arrive at the rear of the building near the ramp and we will come out to assist you.

Your vehicle will be inspected immediately and prepped to move inside.  Notify the staff member checking you in of any problems or items that need to be attended to prior to your next trip.  We will make a plan to have them fixed for you.  If there is a large amount of mud or dirt it will be cleaned off prior to being placed inside.

At this point you can also tell us what services you would like performed on your vehicle while it is in storage and we will set those up for you.

If you already have a plan as to the next time you will be checking the vehicle out, please let us know at this time and we will ensure that it is ready for you.

Clean & Inspect

Admiral Toy Storage is a clean indoor facility.  If there is a large amount of dirt, mud or dust on the vehicle it will not be allowed inside until it is clean.

Your vehicle is now in the hands of the staff at ATS.  Your worries are over. We can have the vehicle washed, detailed, waxed and cleaned inside if you desire.

The vehicle will now be placed into storage awaiting your next use.


Once we receive notification that you are heading out and will be checking your vehicle out, we will set up any pre-trip services that you desire.

These services can include putting fuel in the tanks, turning on the refrigerator, checking the tire pressure etc.  We can also take a list of food items that you provide and head to the store so that they are here and in the fridge waiting for you when you arrive.  Our goal is to take away the stress of going on a trip.  Your vehicle will be sitting here awaiting your arrival at the time you designate.

ATS requests a minimum of 48 hours notice if you desire to make use of the concierge services.


As near to the start of your trip as possible, Admiral Toy Storage will complete the list of services that you have chosen.  Our staff will head to the grocery store or slip down the street to the gas station so that you don’t have to, ensuring that your vehicle is ready to go on time.


At the time that you have designated, Admiral Toy Storage will move your vehicle outside and have it waiting for you.  Our staff will meet you and ensure that everything has been completed to your satisfaction and assist you on your way.

The only thing that you have to organize and prepare now that you have Admiral Toy Storage on the team is you and your family.  Sorry but we don’t have a service for that yet.